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The fruit is slightly acid and edible.

Myrrh Family.

Garuga pinnata, Roxb. (G. Madagascarensis, DC.) NOM. VULG.—Bugo, Tag.

USES.—The fruit is slightly acid and edible. The trunk exudes an abundant gum, of the odor of turpentine, translucent, greenish-yellow, forming small masses slightly soluble in alcohol, soluble in water, with which a mucilage is formed.

The juice of the leaves is used for asthma. The sap is used in Bombay to remove opacities of the cornea. There is another species in the Philippines, G.

floribunda, Decsne (Icica Abilo, Blanco), abilo, Tag., the root of which furnishes a decoction used for phthisis. This species also produces a gum-resin similar to that of the bugo.

BOTANICAL DESCRIPTION.—A tree, with leaves alternate, odd-pinnate, without stipules, bunched on the ends of the branches, with opposite, serrate leaflets.

Flowers yellowish-white in panicles, compound, polygamous. Calyx bellshaped, 5-toothed. Corolla, 5 petals. Stamens 10, free, in 2 series. Ovary inferior, 5-lobuled. Fruit, a globose, greenish-yellow drupe with numerous bony seeds.

HABITAT.—Everywhere in Luzon, Panay and Balabac.

Reference book: The Medicinal Plants of the Philippines

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