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Mustard Family.

Brassica juncea, Hook. & Thom. (Sinapis juncea, L.) NOM. VULG.—Mostaza, Sp.; Mustard, Eng.

USES.—The seeds are used in the same way as those of white or black mustard (Sinapis alba and S. nigra, L.).

BOTANICAL DESCRIPTION.—Plant with a glabrous stem, leaves sessile, glabrous, lanceolate, the upper ones serrate, the lower ones almost entire. Flowers in racemes. Calyx, 4 sepals. Corolla, 4 rounded, unguiculate petals. Stamens 6, two of them short and the other four longer and united in pairs. Ovary flattened. Seed vessel quadrangular, nodular, glabrous, containing many oval seeds.

Raphanus sativus, L.

NOM. VULG.—Rábano, Sp.; Radish, Eng.

USES.—Used principally as food; it possesses the antiscorbutic properties common to the greater part of the Cruciferæ.

It is an herbaceous plant, the root of which is so commonly known that its description would be useless.

Reference book: The Medicinal Plants of the Philippines

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