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Purslane Family.

Portulaca oleracea, L.

NOM. VULG.—Verdolagas, Sp.; Olasiman, Kolasiman, Tag.; Purslane, Eng.

USES.—The entire plant is edible, in the form of a salad or as a condiment with meat or fish. The leaves are succulent and acid, and the juice expressed from them is used as an eyewash to remove corneal opacities; it is also used in superficial erysipelas and other skin affections. The bruised leaves are used as a poultice for abscesses, contusions and on the temples for headache. The juice is given internally to check hæmoptysis and in diseases of the lungs and bladder; the seeds also are used in these complaints.

BOTANICAL DESCRIPTION.—A plant with prostrate stem. Leaves fleshy, wedgeshaped.

Flowers small, sessile, terminal, pale yellow. Calyx of 2 large teeth, deciduous. Corolla, 4–5 petals with a notch at the end. Stamens 9–14. Style of equal length with the stamens. Stigma in 4–6 divisions. The seed vessel, which dehisces horizontally, contains many small, heart-shaped seeds.

HABITAT.—It grows in all parts of the islands.

Reference book: The Medicinal Plants of the Philippines

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