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Capsicum Fastigiatum

The fruit of this species of pepper plant is called agí in Cuba and Porto Rico

USES.—The fruit of this species of pepper plant is called agí in Cuba and Porto Rico; it is in common use as a condiment in the Philippines. As a tonic and stimulant it is a useful article of food in hot countries where the digestive functions become sluggish. Used in moderation it prevents dyspepsia and consequent diarrhoea. It is used as a gargle for hoarseness, decreasing the congestion of the larynx and vocal cords.

GARGLE.— Tincture of capsicum 8 grams.

Water 160 grams.


Recently capsicum in powder, extract, or tincture, has been recommended internally in the treatment of incipient hemorrhoids. The dose is .50 to 3 grams of the powder in pills or capsules; watery extract, 0.30–0.60; tincture, 10–30 drops.

The C. annuum, L., and other varieties of red pepper serve the same uses as the above.

BOTANICAL DESCRIPTION.—Stem 4-angled. Leaves opposite, ovate-lanceolate, entire. Petioles short. Flowers greenish-white in little clusters, drooping. Corolla wheel-shaped. Fruit straight, conical, slender, scarcely 1′ long.

HABITAT.—Universally common in the islands. Blooms at all times.

Reference book: The Medicinal Plants of the Philippines

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